What's a Swedish Dish Cloth and Why It's the Kitchen Towels You Need Today

Whether you're aware of how swedish dishcloths work or you're curious, let us tell you: it is a must-have. For the environment and your home.

Are you tired of using paper napkins? Are you tired of the litter left behind and how it doesn't really contribute anything at home aside from its function and purpose? And is it too late to talk about the degenerative effects paper napkins have on our planet? If you are looking for an alternative we have the answer for you.

Swedish cloths.

What is a swedish dishcloth?

Although the trend might have boomed recently, these environmentally friendly and cost-efficient towels have been around since 1949. Don't worry the post-war economic issues are not the reason why, it only happened due to the environmental innovation of Swedish minds. Leave it to the Swedes to think far ahead about our planet. Should you have experience visiting countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, you would rarely see paper towels or tissues as they all embraced using Swedish dishcloths.

How do you use a swedish dish cloth?

Normally, swedish dish cloths belong in the kitchen. You can use it as hand towels, table cloths, and of course, as dish cloths. However, there are more creative and resourceful ways to use the item in the subject.

Do you find yourself gardening? You can use it with your tools. We even have vintage bees flower swedish dish cloth design that might bring some more flair and style to your shed. Do you like flower arrangements? You can use these cloths to keep your work area clean. Or do you simply like collecting kitchen towels? Well, this is made for you. It's reusable, sustainable, and affordable. And you can pretty much use it anywhere that needs wiping.

When it comes to the kitchen, swedish cloths are amazingly absorbent. Not in the usual sponge sense but it works wonderfully on flat surfaces such as wooden tables, marble sinks, tiled floors, and considerably, the human skin. 

Its fiber and cotton materials both use their intrinsic interwoven elements to hold water more efficiently than other materials. Sure, your swedish cloth may get damped once used but it wouldn't spill over immediately the way typical napkins do. Finally, these cloths are easier to wring dry. One good squeeze and you won't have to deal with stubborn absorbed water.

These perfectly round up the reasons why swedish dish cloth is perfect for kitchen use.

How long do swedish dishcloths last?

Swedish cloths are made of natural fibers and that means you need to dispose of them at some time. Swedish cloths only last between 6-9 months. Although quality ones can last you up until a year, depending on how you take care of them. This might put off some homeowners but this alternative is much better than shelling money for paper napkins twice a month. As much as everyone would think that swedish cloths are long-lasting, it is not. And for you and your family's health, we advise following through with its ideal life span. You wouldn't want to get molds into your system from a two-year-old towel.

So, are swedish dishcloths worth it? Yes.

Swedish cloths for your home are value-added. With a collection of swedish dish cloths designs, you would have a kitchen upgrade! You can pick from a variety of themes depending on the occasion or season. Think about all the dollars saved from buying disposable paper napkins all the time, and lastly, the trees you are saving.

Swedish cloths are worth it for your home and the environment. That's the swedish dishcloth review nutshell we have for you.

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