Top Kitchen Decorative Ideas for the Summertime

Summer brings out the bright sun every day, and that means warm tones and fresh vibes. It only makes sense that this is the season when most backyard pool parties happen, and while the fun is outside, the highlight would be in your kitchen. After all, that is where the magic happens.

Did you know that the average American is 31 percent more socially active during summer? Everyone is ready to drop the cash to begin crossing things off their summer bucket list. People are eager to spend more time with family and friends; planning on being more active, enjoying a grill out with loved ones, or taking a road trip.

However, the ultimate summer tradition is an annual social gathering. Almost half of the American population plans on throwing one, and the other half are attendees. These summer parties aren’t going to just throw themselves together. So, if you're planning to host a barbecue gathering this summer, it is not too late to transform your kitchen into a vibey summer kitchen that is season-appropriate and is sure to accommodate everyone.

5 Summer Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Establish a summer kitchen centerpiece

Having a centerpiece is an interior design fundamental, and it applies not just in the living room, but also, and most importantly in the kitchen. Why? It makes it easier to find your theme, see which complementing furniture and kitchen accessories work, and establish enough space to move aside from the traffic areas you will need for cooking.

Having a summer centerpiece will immediately set the tone for your kitchen. Do you want your summer kitchen island to be about fresh summer flowers? Or would you rather have a kitchen artwork as a centerpiece for all your guests to pause around? That cements the question for this item: what do you want your guests to remember in your summer kitchen (aside from your amazing cooking, of course)?

Don't forget your summer kitchen cloths

Kitchen design during summertime is not really complete without matching summer kitchen clothes. If you are a person who believes in "minimalism" and other "consistently classic" design approaches, let us tell you this: It is summer, live a little!

It is time to bring out your floral kitchen rugs, sweet fresh strawberries tea towels, striped table linens, leafy placemats, and cloth napkins. Remember, these kitchen elements are what establish the vibe of your dining table. And your summertime kitchen centerpiece would simply be overshadowed if your kitchen cloths do not spark summer joy.

Use summer-themed stickers for your plain canisters

Next up, are your kitchen canisters. We cannot let you host a party with plain bottles or tarnished containers. This kitchen summer design idea might sound inconsequential but trust us, it is crucial, especially for those open kitchen racks. We understand that summer-themed canisters are not always consumers' priorities when shopping, but there is still a way to make your condiment containers pop up too using summer stickers! Doing so will help achieve a fuller summer vibe for you and your guests. 

Make your cabinets pop with bright summer colors

We have already mentioned the importance of being bright and full of life during a summer party, but we also mean the literal. Plus, your kitchen cabinets might already be needing attention too. So, it is best to take this opportunity to fix and revamp your cabinets and cupboard and repaint them with summer colors. It does not need to be banana yellow if you are thinking of a long-term repair investment. Try a classic cool blue or coral pink, rosy red, and even orange peel. But if you are unsure of committing to such colors, you can never go wrong with white. 

Don't forget summer fruit baskets

Probably the most important one out of these summer decor ideas for kitchen design: FRUITS. 

Even if we are talking about hosting a summer backyard party, don't you want to throw off a Hawaiian summer vibe? Cheers to all out-of-the-country summer plans, but hey, having summer and tropical fruits in your kitchen would be closer than nothing. A fruit basket will be a nice start. You can either use faux fruit kitchen decor or make an effort to have edible ones you and your guests can both enjoy. Our advice? Grab your summer tote bag, run to the grocery, and get those juicy pineapples and watermelons that will quench your thirst!

Remember the first time we all spent summer in quarantine and lockdown? We bet you have promised yourself that you would make it up to yourself and your loved ones next time. Well, this is that time. It does not have to be an outdoor adventure, by throwing a summer event at your house, you are welcoming them into your home. And that's wonderful enough already.

We wish you luck! For more summertime kitchen decorations, check out our summer collection here, and you might be able to find something to add to your checklist.
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