Home Office Design Ideas Using Fourth of July Stickers

As a collective American culture, Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations in the people’s calendar. Americans spend over $7.7 billion for the 4th of July celebration. That amounts to everything from food, drinks, and of course, fireworks. Talk about freedom, right?

The special day is commemoration of national freedom and a beacon of hopes and dreams, which later became a center for familial and social gatherings. People go out of  their way to celebrate: watch firework shows, host grand parties, and some even take short holiday breaks. This only justifies the recurring references to the Most American Holiday in pop culture; being Independence Day (and Thanksgiving).

Sure, celebrating with your family and friends and waiting on who has the best 4th of July fireworks across the country may be the ideal way to spend the day. But we cannot ignore the fact that most of us are glued to our work desks, especially that this year’s Independence Day falls on a Monday (start of the week and big day for countless businesses). May it be work or business ventures, we salute you. So, even if you’re toasting alone this Monday, and didn’t have enough time to decorate your home space for July 4th. We got you dear reader.

4th of July Design Ideas For Your Home Office

Other than digital 4th of July stickers for Facebook, here are some crafty sticker ideas on how you can decorate your home office and celebrate the spirit of freedom and independence just like everyone else.

Revamp your work board

When it comes to scheduling work appointments, a lot of us have been using digital calendars. However, have you ever heard of the saying “out sight, out of mind”?

This is why actual work boards still hit differently especially for quick reminders, notes, and daily goals. Pro tip: it works better when it’s right in front of your work desk. For some, these may be pinboards filled with sticky notes, and for others, regular whiteboards filled with scribbled ideas. Either way, what’s fun about having a work board is that you can always choose to mix it up with crafty designs. You don’t even have to be an artist to achieve that.

Popular designs include Instax photographs, souvenir magnets, and cool stickers. These give work boards some personal touch. Well, it helps. It can be motivating looking at the photos of your loved ones and the magnets of places you’ve been too, but why not make the work board designing a constant thing. In this case, you can start rehashing your stickers into 4th of July stickers. Just as you would when Halloween Fest begins later in the year. Get rid of those old ones and get these patriotic stickers this July!

This would be a great way to spark some life into your work desk, reminding you of what’s out there. And even reliving some childhood creativity within you!

Write goals and stamp stickers on your planner

Have you ever heard about the scientific fact that writing down things increases the chances of your brain to remember it? If you are already writing business and personal stuff on a planner, that’s great but if you’re new to the art of visually putting your life in order, here’s the time to start doing it right: with stickers!

Planners already help people visually, and stickers are also added visual cues. Come to think of it, these two are complementary to each other. Just look at the ever famous mermaid planners. They come with stickers, right?

Sure, the Fourth of July only happens once, but putting Independence Day themed stickers there to remind you of your July itinerary is better than notes that any foggy brain would forget.

Decorate your work accessories too

Work accessories range from organizers, stationary, work tumblers, desk plants, and even your laptop. They might already be accessories with function, but it helps to give them character once in a while. You might be wondering why some people on the internet put stickers on their laptops, well because it can be fun too. If you are someone who hasn’t tried personal sticker designs before, patriotic USA  stickers would be a great start. Jessy Lane’s stickers are of great quality that you can even decorate your aquariums and terrariums with it! You wouldn’t think “Where can I get 4th of July stickers?” anymore.

Sort your monthly folders using stickers

Before you think that this might be overreaching, think about creativity! It doesn’t have to be completely centered about the Fourth of July celebration, but that’s an idea for the July monthly report right? We have stickers for every monthly season. Say goodbye to large prints on your business folders, and start thinking outside the box! Who said business reports have to be bland and boring?

Happy Independence Day, Sticker Lovers!

Whether you’re new to sticker collection but you want to design your workspace with some July 4th firework stickers or you’re already a collector, we wish you Happy Fourth of July.

If you’re specifically looking for 4th of July stickers for pictures and albums, visit our website and discover more from our collection!

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