Benefits of Canvas Tote Bags To You and The Environment

You probably remember countless bag styles and trends from the past years: the one-strapping Jansport era, the shoulder bag (for girls) and body-bag (for boys) era, and even the hand-carry era. Regardless of what you can remember during your younger years, it has definitely been a long time. And so let us break the news to you: canvas tote bags are what's cool today.

Before you ask, "Are canvas tote bags in style?" Let us briefly talk about why there is a sudden demand and supply for the item in the subject.

The 21st century is also known as the socially aware era. Consumers are now more inclined to purchase products from brands that are vocal about social issues. And the circumstances are no different in the bags and accessory industry. With leather production being proven to be environmentally harmful and exploitative with the labor force, brands are quick to offer consumers alternatives. Before we go into details about canvas tote bags, think of Converse and how they developed more product lines made from canvas as opposed to their luxury edition leather releases (Jack Purcell). 

Indeed, canvas tote bags are a response to social issues in the industry, and what do you know? It became the latest fashion trend for bags.

What are canvas tote bags made of?

As its name suggests, canvas bags are made from canvas material closely related to cotton. Although it is not technically that different, canvas tote bags are eco-friendly bags made from a thicker cotton material or hemp fabric interwoven with polyester for better durability. Canvas also has two or more layers of yarn canvas that make it thicker.

The benefits of canvas tote bags

Are canvas tote bags washable? YES

The material used for these bags is more firm than cotton fabrics that tend to loosen over time. With interwoven layers, canvas tote bags are less likely to get worn out.

Are canvas tote bags eco-friendly? YES

There is little to no chemical used in creating canvas tote bags. There's no adhesive compound or even glycerine content that is used to preserve materials.

Are canvas tote bags durable? YES

As aforementioned, canvas bags are washable but can also withstand wear and tear, unravelings, and discoloration. (Although white tote bags, of course, turn cream with accumulated dust and dirt particles.) A standard canvas tote bag can last for five to ten years, depending on how you use it.

Additionally, canvas tote bags can come in bigger sizes that can accommodate your needs better. Compared to standard bags whose prices soar with their sizes.

Are canvas tote bags in style? YES

The beauty of canvas tote bags is they are comfortable, therefore already making them suitable for everyday style. No matter where you are off to, canvas bags can definitely accompany you.

Furthermore, canvas bags are great for personalization and even DIY customization. If you are crafty or a person with an artistic eye, you can purchase a plain tote bag and do the magic yourself! Its material allows you to personally paint designs on it or even use digital prints. Totally up to you!

How to wear canvas tote bags?

So, if you're still thinking of how you can carry a canvas tote bag with your everyday get-up. We will provide you with ideas and tips that would help you improve your wardrobe.

  • Casual everyday walk around places. Ideally, pair your canvas tote bags with comfortable oversized tees and sandals. Whether you're out to grab a coffee, a coffee-themed canvas bag would definitely be stylish and cool.
  • Grocery and errands. Whatever happened to being socially aware? So, instead of opting for plastic or paper bags, you can get a large-sized tote bag that you can use for groceries (especially when you don't have a ride). Not only can tote bags handle the weight, but it's better than struggling to carry your grocery bags and your essentials with your arms.
  • Gym and workouts. Sure, there are gym bags sold by sports brands. But really, you can use your tote bags when you go to your gym. It is ideal for those who are already on their workout garments and do not have much other than essentials.
  • To the beach! Now that summer's here, we simply cannot leave this part out. When you're out on the sand with your family and friends, you can use canvas tote bags to carry your essentials with you instead of leaving them in the luggage or out in your car. Plus, tote bags do not actually ruin your summer body look!

Whether you are looking for canvas tote bags online to add to your collection, or you are simply looking for information on why canvas bags are the new cool, let us know what you think. Why do you think canvas bags are such a catch?

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