8 Ways to Use Tea Towels

Tea towels are known for their versatility and inexpensiveness. For some, it’s more than just a dish rag or an eco-friendly substitute for tissues because of its adorable designs. Despite the fact that tea towels aren't quite as absorbent as other options (paper towels or terry cloth, in particular), they serve a variety of functions in and out of the kitchen.

Here we’ve come up with 8 fantastic ideas for additional uses of your tea towels, have fun!

Different Ways to Use Tea Towels

Pastry wrapper

You can use these non-toxic tea towels to wrap your freshly baked goods because tea towels can keep them toasty! Make your baked products more special by wrapping them in tea towels if you are giving them away.

Napkin and placemat

Use a variety of tea towels to add personality to your tablescape if you're having a dinner party or holiday gathering. Select clothing with little, repetitive patterns and color palettes that are comparable. Each towel can be used as a placemat by folding it in half and sewing the edges, or it can be flattened and used as a napkin when setting the table.

Vegetable squeezer

Any watery vegetable that has been grated such as squash for bread, carrots for pancakes, or leafy greens for omelets, should be wrapped in a kitchen towel and twisted to the max over a bowl, sink, or the trash can.

Candle holder or gift wrapper

When sending a candle as a gift, don't just stuff it inside a regular gift bag. To match the height of the candle, fold a tea towel with a striking print in half, then in half again. Wrap the candle in the towel, finish it off with a satin ribbon, and decorate with a long match. Tell them to remove the tea towel before lighting the new candle.

Bathroom decoration   

Your guest bathroom can be decorated with tea towels too! They look great and can be used by your guests to dry their hands. You can hang them beside the sink or use them as a mat for the lotion, sanitizer, perfume, and so on. Another idea is to hang it on the wall as a decoration just to utilize your tea towel’s print.


Simple steps can be taken to create a nice pillowcase from a printed tea towel. Simply keep the top crease while folding the towel in half lengthwise. Then, sew the edges of the two open sides tight. Close the last exposed side to complete the towel.

Drip-drying glasses 

Tea towels are obviously used to dry dishes, but you may also use one to simply let dishes drip dry. Our tea towels' 100% cotton hopsack is incredibly absorbent and ideal for the task. To make a soft (and attractive) landing for our favorite glasses, we prefer to fold a tea towel in half and lay it on a tray that matches.

DIY apron

Is your apron missing? If there is a tea towel nearby, no issue. You can use a belt to tie the tea towel around your waist. You can also add some pockets by sewing old-cut tea towels. This is gonna be an adorable utility apron perfect for everyday use.

With all these ways to utilize your tea towels in mind, just remember that a tea towel is a great way to add some style to your kitchen. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can even find them with designs that match your kitchen décor!

In addition to being decorative, tea towels are also practical. They are useful for drying dishes or wiping up spills. You can use them for other tasks like cleaning up messes or wiping down surfaces.

Tea towels are excellent complements to any home because of their adaptability and finely created material. For a quick touch that can endure for years, personalize a tea towel nowDon't forget to check out our website to know more.

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